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This Demo has been produced for the release of our Kickstarter for our upcoming game Runes: The Forgotten Path a magic-infused Virtual Reality adventure for PC (HTC Vive and Oculus Rift).

With this demo you can have a first taste of what makes Runes special. You will test our 4th Wall locomotion system, solve puzzles and learn the spellcasting system. We hope you enjoy it! : )

The game is set in a mystical world ruled by the Panopticon: an order of powerful wizards that regulate the use of magic, oppressing people and confining their opponents to the Oblivion. In this magical prison of the mind, you will start your adventure as Leth, a renegade wizard determined to regain his freedom while seeking his lost memories.

Runes aims to captivate your senses by immersing you in a vibrant and consistent world, where you will master the art of spellcasting by drawing rune shapes in the air with your hands to solve puzzles and fight enemies.

Game features include:

  • 100% designed for room scale VR.
  • Full story driven VR title with different environments and puzzle solving.
  • Photogrammetry for full deep and immersive worlds.
  • New seamless locomotion system.
  • Nodding system: answer to yes or no questions just by moving your head.

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I would love to play this game, but the movement system just straight up doesnt work. i press the button, then nothing happens. i know the controllers are responding, since whenever i click the pad it brings up this weird circle and i can kind of draw. Can someone help?

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Hi! Unfortunately this is an outdated version and I am not sure if it will work properly (movement should happen with the left hand menu button anyway). By the way the game just recently launched in Steam! https://store.steampowered.com/app/457130/Runes_The_Forgotten_Path/

The itch.io app reports this as "Not available on Windows" which is obviously not right. It's probably incorrect metadata of some kind. Can you take a look as it's impossible to install via the app currently.

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Thanks I will take a look, in metadata it is setup to Oculus and HTC Vive. I realized windows wasn´t checked as a platform, let me know if it works : )