A downloadable game

Become a chopper rider in this futuristic/old style game (play inside an arcade of the future). Beat your highscore and use your power ups to go faster and blast through obstacles.

You need an VR headset and motion controllers to play. Developed for the HTC Vive with the main chopper asset created in Oculus Medium.

I will update it in the future, this is the first build made of the game done after only 36 hours of developing time so expect numerous (fun) bugs. Future asymmetric gameplay might be included if people like the game. Also a menu as the game just starts right away now and restarts when you die.

Use the (for now) right touchpad to activate the power ups. Use the trigger to hold onto the motorcycle handle, you can use both hands or one only.

Created by member of StormBorn Studio:

Alejandro Castedo

Marco Boncompagno

Alvaro Franco

Giacomo Luchinni

Music: Lorenzo Visintin


Install instructions

Extract the rar contents and simply run the executable with a steamVR compatible VR headset connected. It requires motion controllers for playing. The game starts right away and restarts when you die, I will add a menu in the future.




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Nice little concept! And the assets are pretty nice :)

Sorry I downloaded it thinking I would have a Badass-Motorbike-Simulator. I thought I would be in the actual motorbike, and everything else would be real size. But I do get the arcade room idea, and style of the game, so it was just my expectations being somewhere else :p Thank you for sharing!


Haha thanks, we would also love a full fledged chopper sim, maybe in the future : )